Our Programs

Undergraduate Admissions Consulting

Ideal Candidate:

Primary or secondary school student seeking to earn acceptance at an elite 4-year university

Services include:

  • Identifying best-fit schools and major to match academic goals

  • Essay editing and application preparation

Masters and PhD Admissions Consulting

Ideal Candidate:

Undergraduate student seeking to continue their education at an elite graduate program

Services include:

  • Identifying best-fit schools and programs to match career goals

  • Essay editing and application preparation

Athletics and Music Recruitment Consulting

Ideal Candidate:

High achieving student-athlete or musician seeking to take their talents to the next level at a 4-year university

Services include:

  • Identifying best-fit schools and athletic or music programs 

  • Communicating with coaches and recruiters, essay editing, and application preparation

Career Consulting

What makes EDMAX stand out above the competition is our commitment to your continued career success. We continue working with students even after they are admitted and help them secure internships, full-time opportunities, and working visas that lead to immigration possibilities.


We help students

  • Find internships through an advanced preparation of academic materials so they can work in the United States during academic summers 

  • Assist students to understand the complex international internship processes pertaining OPT, CPT, and visa programs

Full-Time Jobs

We help students

  • Effectively recruit and network to work at some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Work includes interview prep, resume optimization, and finding the right fit for each client

  • Assist students to obtain and understand full-time working visas such as the US H-1B visa.

International Students

We help students

  • Create a plan that helps talented and driven individuals to realize immigration opportunities through studying and working in the US

  • Find career success in their desired region of work whether it is London, New York, or China.                                              


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