Our Partnerships

EDMAX partners with Canham Capital and top-ranked universities across America to maximize clients' acceptance rates and long-term career success

Canham Capital

  • Private investment fund based out of Ann Arbor, MI


  • Partnered with EDMAX during the spring of 2012


  • Selects outstanding students during each application cycle and sponsors them with scholarships through our partnered programs


  • Helps students network with global companies and find an internship or full-time opportunities within New York, London, Los Angeles, and other major cities

Partner Universities

  • Through our partner schools, we offer unique opportunities regarding gaining acceptance, receiving scholarships, and finding internship opportunities 

  • These schools include:

    • New York University

    • Northwestern University

    • University of Southern California

    • University of Michigan

    • Harvard University 

    • Princeton University

    • And many more

Our Expertise

Unparalleled Experience

World Class Team



  • Experienced professionals evaluate each applicant from a unique perspective to identify an optimal fit and key advantages to their application approach 

  • Tailor-made applications are crafted after an analysis of target US universities, programs, and professors

  • Best-in-class counselors are graduates from top 25 U.S. universities such as Harvard, NYU Stern, Michigan Ross, Northwestern, and many more

  • Exceptionally low student-to- counselor ratio available 24/7 to help guide students on all aspects of their applications 

  •  100+ success stories of students receiving admittance into top 30 US programs

  • 99% of clients are admitted into elite, top 30 US schools

  • 100% of students receive internship opportunities

  • 95% student employment rate upon graduation